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Philips Introduced Mobile Obstetrics Monitor in Indonesia

Company Report

 January 14, 2016, Royal Philips announced that the company has signed a deal with West Sumatra, Indonesia based Sujunjung Regency, to introduce its Obstetrics Monitoring service in the Indonesian market. The service is aimed to identify expecting mothers who might be at a risk of pregnancy related complication, which would result in lower maternal mortality rates. The monitor could be configured with smartphone, as announced by the company. Philips also announced that the company is collaborating with largest telecommunication provider in Indonesia to provide nationwide connectivity.

On the occasion, Jeoen Tas, CEO solutions & services, Healthcare informatics, Philips quoted “Indonesia, with 255 million people living on more than 900 islands, still struggles with one of the highest rates of maternal death in the world partly due to the lack of access to healthcare services. With the roll-out of our mobile obstetrics monitoring solution in West Sumatra we are helping to give people access to skilled healthcare personnel and the right technology at the right time. It’s a clear example of how digital technologies can facilitate preventative care and have a tremendous impact on the quality of care.”

 The company services will also permit midwives in remote locations to share important measurements and data as well as mobile ultrasound images, with gynecologists and obstetricians in reputed and larger hospital to improve decision making of doctors and patients. Philips would also be providing training and education to understand the system.

According to Pharmaion, pharma & healthcare consultants, the launch of the mobile obstetrics monitor in Indonesia would help Royal Philips in strengthening its position in medical devices market of Indonesia. Moreover, the efficiency of device to prevent maternal mortality and effectivity to operate in remote rural areas of the country would also bring the goodwill for the company in Indonesia. 


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