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Medtronic launches OsteoCool RF Ablation System in US

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 Medtronic plc revealed that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) has granted the launch of OsteoCool RF Ablation System. This system is meant for treating patients with painful spine metastases. This system possesses the cooled radiofrequency (RF) ablation technology offering simultaneous, dual-probe capabilities and hence offers procedural flexibility and customized treatment. It also uses the targeted high-frequency energy to kill cancer cells. It also addresses the most common complaint, related to spine metastases is pain, which often progressively and significantly minimises the patient's quality of life.

With the new system, doctors will be able to ablate the patient's painful tumor by employing a reproducible procedure suitable for their unique anatomy.

As per Julie Foster, general manager and vice president of the pain therapies business in the Neuromodulation division, which is part of the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic, the OsteoCool System will add to the company’s Pain Therapies portfolio and the patients will be easily treated with Kyphon Balloon Kyphoplasty who complain of painful spinal metastases. This system is a beneficial to patients in treating the pain in a one procedure with a well-known minimally invasive technique. 

Additionally, in November, Medtronic was granted expanded indications for Kyphon Xpede Bone Cement, which is inclusive of micro fractures treatment that can be caused by cancer cells resulting in bone breakage. 

According to Pharmaion, pharma and healthcare consultants, the introduction of OsteoCool Ablation System will aid in enhancing the treatment of patients suffering from spinal metastases. Development of such innovative clinical will leverage patient access to the unique spinal tumor ablation technology. This will add to the market of treatment of spine metastases. 


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