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Diagnostic Test to Detect Prostate Cancer through Odor

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 February 9, 2016, Researchers in the United Kingdom are in process to create a diagnostic test which uses a special tool to smell prostate cancer in urine sample, an advance that could spell end for invasive diagnostic procedures that men needs to undergo.

Scientists from the University of West of England and University of Liverpool have conducted a study on 155 men in urology clinic. Out of 155, 58 were diagnosed with prostate cancer, 24 were suffering from bladder cancer and 73 with hematuria or poor stream without any sign of cancer. The results of the study concluded that test is capable to successfully identify different patterns of volatile compounds that allow classification of urine sample especially in patients with urological caner. Chris Probert from University of Liverpool said in a statement that "There is an urgent need to identify these cancers at an earlier stage when they are more treatable as the earlier a person is diagnosed the better."

Researchers have used a gas chromatography sensor named Odoreader. The test involved inserting urine samples into the Odoreader and then measured with the help of algorithms. The Odoreader has 30 meters long column enableing compounds in the urine to travel through different rates thus breaking the samples into a readable format. This format is converted into algorithm enabling detection of cancer by reading the patterns. The positioning of prostate gland which is very near to the bladder gives a different algorithm of urine profile, if person is suffering from cancer. Raj Prasad from Southmead Hospotal quoted that “If this test succeeds at full medical trial it will revolutionise diagnostics. Even with detailed template biopsies there is a risk that we may fail to detect prostate cancer in some cases. Currently indicators such as diagnosed prostatomegaly (enlarged prostate) and unusually high PSA levels can lead to recommendations for biopsy if there is a concern that cancer may be prevalent. An accurate urine test would mean that many men who currently undergo prostate biopsy may not need to do so." 

According to the Pharmaion upcoming report “Global Prostate Cancer Therapeutics Market Opportunities, 2011 - 2021” by Pharmaion, pharma and healthcare consultants, the factors driving the global prostate cancer therapeutic market include; growing aging population globally, developments in the field of genomics & proteomics, high growth in hormone-refractory prostate cancer drug market, rising healthcare expenditure, robust R&D activities in the oncology therapeutic area, rising disposable income and increasing government initiatives towards cancer treatment.


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