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Zimmer Biomet launches innovative implant technologies in support of Persona Knee System & Vanguard 360 Revision Knee System

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 Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc., which is an established leader in musculoskeletal healthcare, revealed that is will launch the Persona Medial Congruent Bearing and OsseoTi Tibial Sleeves for the Vanguard 360 Revision Knee System on commercial scale. These additions to Zimmer Biomet's Knee portfolio indicate the expansion of company's proprietary knee system, which are carve out anatomically inspired designs involving cutting-edge advances in implant engineering.

The Persona Medial Congruent Bearing product, which complements Persona, the Personalized Knee System, has been created offer natural feeling motion of the human knee by enhancing knee joint stability during the full range of motion. The Persona Medial Congruent Bearing is a culmination of Zimmer Biomet's ultracongruent designs and personalized femoral components.

The OsseoTi Tibial Sleeves supports the Vanguard 360 Revision Knee System by fixing many cavitary defects, which are usually encountered in revision knee procedures. Based on highly vascularized metaphyseal region of the tibia, such sleeves demonstrate Zimmer Biomet's flagship OsseoTi porous metal technology, which is designed to divide the load via biologic fixation from the tibial plateau. The products are made of advanced technology involving printing of metal and porous structure together. Additionally, it creates a truly unique 3D porous homogenous structure that copies cancellous bone architecture and modulus.

Moreover, OsseoTi Tibial Sleeves give high range of sizing and positioning options, which can also be used separately or together or in association with a block augment. Being highly versatile, these sleeves have been manufactured for independent and symmetrical position within the tibia, resulting in an efficient bone-conserving solution for addressing cavitary defects.

According to Pharmaion’s report, “China Orthopedic Devices and Materials Market Opportunities, 2011 - 2021”, Zimmer Biomet’s innovative clinical portfolio enhancements will support surgeons at every stage of care, consisting of total primary and revision surgeries. Such new knee systems will help surgeons deliver personalized treatment for patients. 


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