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Visual Inspection with acetic acid (VIA) test in rural area underlined for cervical cancer

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 Mar 14, 2016- Professionals have called for assimilation of visual inspection of cervix with utilization of acetic acid (VIA) procedure in the community level public health system to fight the high incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in Cuttack.

Cervical cancer accounts for as high as 30% or 1/3rd of all cancers encountered among women in the State. However the concerned part is that a most of the cases is detected in the advanced stages where the disease has forge ahead beyond cure. 

In 2014, approximately 1,307 pap smears were operated at the Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre (AHRCC) of which 64% tested positive, majority of them were in the advanced stages. Cervical cancer is a curable disease. It is mainly caused by two strains of human papilloma virus (HPV). 

Early marriage and age of intercourse, poor genital hygiene, multiple sex partners, infection with STD, high oral contraceptive use, sex with uncircumcised men have been found to increase the risk of HPV infection.

Low socio-economic settings in India are more prevalent to cancer and thus, has accounted for high mortality because of access to proper healthcare and lack of awareness

Prof Niranjan Rout, convenor of Cancer Cervix Eradication Day (CCEA) and Head of Pathology, AHRCC mentioned that VIA notably increases early detection as identified in southern States like Tamil Nadu where it is being executed in primary healthcare settings. The one time visit ‘see and treat’ technique has showed a significant 25% decline in incidence and 35% reduction in mortality

On Cancer Cervix Eradication Day (CCEA) i.e.  March 11, ABC Foundation with Prof K Uma Devi of Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore delivered the Dr Harald zur Hausen Oration.

According to Pharmaion, "Global Cervical Cancer Vaccine Market Opportunities, 2020", analyses that the most significant condition with reference to VIA is that medical, paramedical workers and health workers from grassroots-level like ANMs and ASHAs can be trained in these approaches and those found susceptible can be introduced for further pap smear tests.


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