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A functional near-infrared spectroscopy neuroimaging device soon to be launched in the market

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 A new device known as NIRISIT is going to revolutionize the neuroscience research and medical sector soon this year. This device is a functional near-infrared spectroscopy neuroimaging device that will provide high spatial resolution and high temporal resolution by a wireless and a portable manner.

The device is ready for its launch in the month of March 2016 by the Nanoscale Advanced Integrated Systems (NAIS) Lab Team at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) led by Professor Hyeon-Min Bae of the Electrical Engineering Department and researchers at OBELAB, a spin-off startup of NAIS Lab( from now as KAIST team).

Principle on which the device functions is near-infrared spectroscopy that detects the hemodynamic changes in the cerebral blood flow by utilizing the light and allows the brain activation regions in the prefrontal area of the brain to be visualized in real time. NIRSIT also has improved spatial resolution of 0.4cm x 0.4cm when compared to the existing NIRISIT devices having a resolution of 3cm x 3cm. Apart from this, the device shows the hemodynamic changes in the brain by extracting the raw data through a software application on a tablet in real time and the device is connected to the tablet wirelessly.

Additionally, cognitive research is the most promising application of NIRISIT and scientist of KAIST team are very confident that considering functional MRI as the leading neuroimaging device for cognitive research will soon change once the device is in use. 

A live demonstration of the NIRSIT operation was done by the KAIST team in a Neuroscience Conference that was held in Chicago, last October. The quality of results obtained from NIRSIT were appreciated by the participants who also saw how the device operates.

According to Pharmaion’s report, “Global Medical Imaging Equipment Market Opportunities, 2011- 2021”, it is observed that the launch of NIRSIT will be a new advancement in the neuroimaging device segment as it uses the brain data like no other device and hopefully will set a new standard in the field of brain research and healthcare.


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