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US FDA new rule for filing import data in ACE authorized EDI system
What all you should know?

  • Format : Live
  • Presenter : Dr. Rossano V. Gerald
  • Date : Thu, Apr 20, 2017
  • Time : 1 pm ET | 10 am PT | 11 am MT | 12 pm CT
  • Duration : 60 Minutes

Event Description

It focuses on the role of the import managers when shipping goods under the FDA and Customs Regulations. It also addresses what regulations can be used to help the importer in understanding Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) as the Sole CBP-Authorized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System for Processing Certain Electronic Entry and Entry Summary Filings Accompanied by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Data. This review FDA reporting criterion will influence the coordination transactions of your company. The classification and valuation of the FDA goods for importing purposes within their dutiable status and what are the proper documentation to meet the country of origin requirements, and whether the FDA import documentation meets the foreign law requirements.

This training event will provide guidance on how to access FDA agency documentation that will address the strict requirements of imports of goods for health and safety reasons. These regulatory requirements may influence the importer when it comes to the variety of product ingredients.

Key areas/ Benefits:

What are the importing ACE filing processes?

What are the Import FDA Agencies?

How are the FDA-Regulated Product procedures used within the importation process?

What are the Customs Requirements?

Why are the administrative forms used in the importation process?

Explaining how to complete an EDI document in the importing process.

Define and describe the EDI with Customs Regulations. Why is it considered a valuable automation tool for the FDA Regulatory process?

Target Audience:

U.S. importers of FDA regulated products

New U.S. importers of FDA regulated products

Foreign exporters of FDA regulated products (companies which sell regulated products to U.S. importers)

Purchasing department personnel for U.S. importers of FDA regulated products

Compliance officers

Coordination/Supply chain managers and analysts

Trade regulatory/legislative affairs professionals

Sales/marketing personnel

Training personnel


International business operations

Chief Executive Officers

Customs or Trade Compliance Personnel or Officers

Import or Global Trade Directors or Managers

Import Supervisors

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