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Lupin Introduced Tri-Lo-Marzia in the US

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 January 6, 2015, Lupin Limited, India based pharmaceutical company launched Tri-Lo-Marzia tablets, an oral contraceptive drug in the US market after the company received approval from the American Health Regulator. Lupin Pharmaceutical Inc., US based subsidiary introduced Tri-Lo-Marzia tablets after receiving approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Lupin Limited confirmed the news in a statement.

Tri-Lo-Marzia tablets are generic version of Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc’s oral contraceptive Tri-Cyclen Lo tablets. These are used by women to prevent unintended pregnancy. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo Tablets recorded the sales of USD488.4 million in the US in previous year. 

Tri-Lo-Marzia is Lupin’s 16th oral contraceptive to receive FDA approval and been launched in the US. The company has filed approvals for 37 oral contraceptives till date. Lupin Limited has launched in total nine products in the US this fiscal year and has received approvals from USFA for 20 products. Company’s cumulative abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) filings with the USFDA stands at more than 220 with the company receiving 131 approvals till date.

According to Pharmaion, pharma & healthcare consultants, large number of Indian pharmaceutical players are launching generic products in the US market. The introduction of Tri-Lo-Marzia in the US will further strengthen the position of the Lupin Pharmaceutical Inc. in the US generic drugs market. According to Guttmacher institute, large proportion of the American women which accounts for 28% of the total women relying on pills as their prime method of contraception. Presence of such high percentage of oral contraceptives would create a large consumer pool for the Lupin’s oral contraceptives. Additionally, low cost of the device and efficacy of the drug to inhibit pregnancy would further fuel the demand for the drug and will also provide Lupin a competative edge over other players in US generic contraceptives market.


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