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MindMaze launches virtual reality driven technology solutions aiding in faster recovery of neuro patients

Company Report

 Swiss-based neuro technology company MindMaze, has recently launched an immersive virtual reality (IVR) neuro-rehabilitation solution for hospitals.  The plans to bring the solution to India. MindMaze will partnership with Mumbai-based P.D. Hinduja Hospital, to place the first devices.

IVR solution aims at helping patients suffering from brain stroke and spinal cord injuries to recover quickly. 

The technology is embedded with an enhanced user interface, that includes a lightweight, wearable Head Mounted Display (HMD). The technology also possesses 3D motion capture cameras, which offer patients immersive VR, gesture abilities and multiple user recognition and advanced reality capabilities. 

The virtual reality application aids in patient recovery upto 33 per cent faster than the traditional care. Being cost effective intuitive human machine interface and combines virtual reality, computer system graphics, brain imaging & neuroscience properties in one technology. 

The company uniquely integrate these potentials with neuroscience-based methodologies to prepare real time feedback customised to the user’s needs and abilities. The company is expected to retransform the advancement of neuro care by launching path breaking, tailored solutions to meet the requirements in neuro-rehabilitation. Additionally, the company involves inputs of professional minds working in neuroscience to aid in successful patient recovery from strokes and other brain injuries. 

According to Pharmaion, pharma and healthcare consultants, the foray of IVR technology in India, where treatment options for neurological conditions are limited and expensive for people suffering with disabilities after a stroke, will be a boon by enhancing quality life of patients. After successful launch of IVR application in USA and Europe, the immersive virtual reality solutions will aid in monitoring progress of the patients in the comfort of home with optimised recovery processes. The faster recovery can also be attributed to patients who are having manual therapy and medication along with the IVR application as well. 


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