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Statistics show a decline in breast cancer screening over the last few years in United Kingdom

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 As per the data of Health and Social Care Information Centre, there has been a fall in the percentage of breast cancer screening from 70.1% in 2004-05 to 63.3% in 2014-15.The overall number was checked and fall was observed for the fourth year in a row. Experts feel that it’s a matter of concern and requires an urgent investigation for figuring out the reasons for the fall.

Under the NHS Breast Screening Programme, women are usually invited for their first routine check between the ages of 50 and 53, then normally invited back every three years until the age of 70.

Women are generally invited for the first screening during the age of 50-53, and then in every three years till they turn 70 under the NHS Breast Cancer Programme. Most of the screening centers in England have an extended age range starting from 47-49 and 71-73.

Out of 2.8 million women invited for breast cancer screening, 2.1 million reported for the screening. There was an observed decline from 77.2% in 2011 to 75.4% in March 2015 for the women aged 53 to 70. Cancer was more prevalent in the older women screened.

Pritpal Rayat of HSCIC said: "These statistics show the falling proportion of women at the younger end of the programme's target group who are being screened after they get their first invitation."

Dr Anne Mackie, Public Health England's director of screening, said: "It is encouraging that more than 75% of women are having regular breast screening. However, there has been a downward trend over the last four years.

Eluned Hughes, head of public health and information at Breast Cancer Now, said: "The continued decline in the number of women taking up their first screening invitation is of real concern.

"The fall in attendance is most notable in women receiving their first invitation and we are working hard with our NHS and community colleagues to understand why this might be and make the programme accessible to all women who wish to be screened."

According to Pharmaion, United States Breast Cancer Diagnostic Devices Market Opportunities, 2010 - 2020, many reasons are suspected behind a declining trend and it does require a local level investigation. Breast cancer if screened in the early stages, can prevent so many deaths. Thus women are encouraged to get more check-ups at regular intervals to avoid breast cancer.


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