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Study: Launch of Trulicity, once-a-week drug for type 2 diabetes announced by Eli Lilly

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 Launch of Trulicity (dulaglutide) was announced by Eli Lilly for the treatment of diabetes in India. Trulicity is a once-weekly injectable that can be used for improving the blood sugar in type 2 diabetes adults.

This dug belongs to a different class called as glucagon - like peptide (GLP-1) receptor agonists. This drug is not insulin and imitates the effects of natural hormone GLP-1, which helps in releasing body’s own insulin after the food intake and keeps the blood sugar level normal.

This drug does not require mixing or measuring as it comes in a single-dose pen which is easy to use and can be injected at any time of the day, without any meal dependency.

“Diabetes is a big burden on the healthcare system in India. Millions of Indians live with diabetes and have diverse needs,” said Edgard Olaizola, managing director, Lilly India. He added, “Trulicity is an important addition to our diabetes portfolio in India and this launch is an important milestone in our journey to help a large number of patients and their caregivers.”

Dr. Tarun Puri, medical director, Lilly India said, “The GLP-1 agonist class provides several benefits including a proven efficacy in controlling blood sugar levels with a lower risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It might even help patients reduce a little weight”

Trulicity should be used when prescribed by a registered MD (Internal medicine) and endocrinologist as it is a prescription drug. This drug is an additive along with proper diet and exercise. After the drug got US approval in in September 2014 and EU approval in November 2014. India is the third in Asia after Japan and UAE that will launch Trulicity.

Eli Lilly has one of the widest range in the diabetes arena. It deals with large number of drug delivery devices in diabetes. Around 85% of their sales in India is gained through the diabetes segment. Along with diabetes the other segment that contribute are the oncology, osteoporosis and human growth hormone.

According to Pharmaion, pharma and healthcare consultants, launch of Trulicity widens the scope of treatment for type 2 diabetes adults as it reduces the need of daily medication, and can be used with more of ease. Patients who have the needle phobia can get more benefit as the needle is hidden in this format. The drug has shown promising results so far and is expected to grow its share from the Indian market as well.


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